What are Ad Groups?

Once you have created a campaign in AdWords you will then be directed to create an Ad Group. Ad groups are containers that determine how your campaign information is organised. Ad groups essentially house three key components for your campaigns keywords, ads and landing pages. Ad groups give you the ability to create a meaningful hierarchy for your AdWords account.

Why are Ad Groups important?

Now that we know that ad groups allow us to create an organised structure within our AdWords campaigns, we need to understand why we should place an emphasis on them. Well the way you organise your ad groups can affect which keywords your ads will show for, what ads will run for certain keywords and which landing pages users will be taken to once they click on your ad. These are undoubtedly the most important factors when building an AdWords campaign and they are all contained within your ad groups.

Quality score is an important factor

In order to understand what makes an ad group effective you have to understand what quality score is. Quality score is Google’s way of rating both the quality and relevance of your keywords and ads. Your quality score can affect your cost per click for a keyword as well your ad ranking. Keywords with low quality scores will result in a higher cost per click and lower ad rankings on search engine results pages.

How your ad groups are structured play a major role in determining the quality score for your keywords. If you build effective ad groups then this in turn will be represented by high quality scores for your keywords.

Creating effective Ad Groups

They key to creating effective ad groups is relevancy.  This means you need to create relevance between the keywords in the ad group, your ads and the landing pages you are sending users to. An example of a poorly created ad group would be creating an ad group for clothes you sell and filling it with keywords for all the types of clothes you sell. Then creating ads for this ad group that relay the fact that you sell a wide range of clothes and sending users to your websites homepage as a landing page. This type of ad group will result in low quality scores and an ineffective campaign.

In order to create effective ad groups you need to create an ad group for each type of product you sell. If you are a plumbing and heating company and you offer plumbing services, gas fitting services and heating services then at the very least your ad groups should be broken into these categories. However for the best results you would create an ad group for each individual service you offer like drain cleaning, gas line installation, gas leak repair, furnace repair and in-floor heating installation. The more specific your ad group is the more effective it will be.

Once you have decided on how your ad group structure will be organised you need to make sure the keywords, ads and landing pages within your ad groups are relevant. If you are building an ad group for furnace repair you will only want keywords related to furnace repair in this ad group. You will then want to build ads that specifically describe your furnace repair services, and finally you will want to use a landing page that outlines your furnace repair services. Since all three elements of your ad group are relevant to each other this will result in high quality scores for the keywords in this ad group.

Ensure you are running effective Ad Word campaigns

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